■ 100% Royal Jelly (in tablet form) 31 sachet

100% Royal Jelly(in tablet form) is a product that has been granulated (without using any binding agent) with pure royal jelly that has not been enzyme treated.

Recommended for those who only want to take royal jelly. 

● 100% royal jelly only! No ingredients other than royal jelly are used.
● One tablet contains royal jelly 900 mg (raw conversion)
● Used organic royal jelly collected at an “organic apiary” by “Ecosert.
● Beauty effects are recognized in academic papers.

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Please take 1 packet (2 tablets) per day with something to drink.

100% royal jelly(in tablet form) does not use any auxiliary ingredients, that is, raw royal jelly with only water removed. Therefore, it is a delicate product that absorbs moisture immediately and is discolored to a brown color when it is affected by humidity or oxygen. Such delicate products are divided into daily packages to maintain the quality until the end and to help customers' health. Please realize the power of royal jelly itself.

※ When stored in a hot and humid environment, the grains may become brown, so please keep them in a place away from direct sunlight or heat/humidity

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