Apitherapy, Health Proposal at Yamada Bee Farm

We will continue to pursue "apitherapy" to protect

"the health of each and every person".

Royal jelly, propolis, honey, pollen, beeswax ...
Bee products are a valuable natural resource that have long been incorporated into daily life around the world and have been used to maintain health.
We have been beekeeping since 1948.
Yamada Bee Farm has been researching and developing bee products with a variety of usefulness based on the idea of protecting "every person's irreplaceable health."
We will continue to pursue further possibilities based on the technologies and experiences we have cultivated over many years, aiming to contribute to a healthy life. "
Apitherapy" that makes use of the bee's blessings for good health--A proposal from Yamada Bee Farm.

Apitherapy at Yamada Bee Farm

Apitherapy, a traditional health method that makes use of the blessings of bees.
The research began with "Thoughts for my daughter".

The relationship between honeybees and humans has been around for more than 10,000 years, long, deep and rich.
Dating back to BC, a cave in Europe depicts a figure of a man collecting honey. The philosopher Aristotle wrote about royal jelly, and about 2000 years ago in China, books about honey and beeswax were also written.
Royal jelly, propolis, honey, pollen, beeswax ... Bee products have been used by people since ancient times and have brought many benefits.
In Europe, where beekeeping thrives, the word "apitherapy" (api: honeybee in Latin) was coined and spread throughout the world as a traditional health practice.

Yamada Bee Farm started researching royal jelly in 1960. It was around this time that Pope Pio XII used royal jelly for health at an international conference and royal jelly enjoyed a worldwide boom.
In the hope of improving the health of his daughter who had a congenital heart disorder, the founder decided to collect royal jelly from honeybees. As a result of continuing research on our own production technology, we have succeeded in mass production.
Since then, we have been studying the usefulness of bee products for the purpose of "protecting the health of each individual person".

I want to protect my family's health with “Apitherapy”.
That's why we have thorough quality control based on our own high standards.

We have pursued quality with the conviction that we only make safe products with high health value that make us want to provide for our families.
That is why the pursuit of quality, including the usefulness and safety of honey bee products, is a matter of course for the irreplaceable health of one person. When importing honey, we use controlled temperature containers to protect the quality.
For this reason, we make every effort to ensure quality control.
As for pesticides and antibiotics, we use raw materials whose safety has been confirmed and proven as a result of multiple inspections, such as analysis by specialist inspection equipment in Japan at our own research laboratories, as well as by public institutions.
In order to have "Apitherapy" incorporated into our lives with peace of mind and to realize its true value for health promotion, we will continue to work on through management and quality improvement every day.

To "Apitherapy" which is useful for the future.
Pursuing new possibilities for bee products.

At present, the maintenance and promotion of “health” has become the most important theme for individuals and society to address as the living environment deteriorates and the population ages rapidly. With concerns about the collapse of the healthcare system due to increased medical costs, there has been a growing interest in "preventive medicine", which aims to review lifestyle and build a healthy body.
Under these circumstances, in order to respond to people's wishes to “be healthy and beautiful forever,” pursuing “apitherapy” inherited from our predecessors is an important mission for our company, which engages in health promotion, based on the beekeeping industry.

In 2006, we opened our own research institute, the Institute for Bee Products & Human Health.
As a base to further deepen and develop honeybee product research, we are exploring, investigating, researching, developing, quality control of natural materials and expanding research networks in Japan and overseas.
In 2008, the Yamada Research Grant was established for young researchers. Supporting research in various fields, such as biology, pharmacology, ecology, and mechanical engineering, with the theme of "bees and preventive medicine" to discover the new potential of "apitherapy" for the future of humanity.

Think of "health" from "harmony with nature".
With Apitherapy, imagine a healthy society.

Bees have collected nectar from flowers, helped to pollinate, and have forged "symbiosis" with plants for tens of millions of years.
Beekeeping is closer to the behavior of the pre-farming hunting and harvesting era.
"Agriculture" plows the fields to get crops, while "Apiculture" does little to alter the appearance of nature. Therefore, the burden on the natural environment is very small, and it is a symbol of a culture that can be sustained into the future.
Humans are part of nature.
Considering health as a state of balance between the natural environment and the body and mind,
Isn't the human way of life and social creation that coexists with nature the key to health?
We, based on the beekeeping industry, strive to succeed and develop beekeeping culture in order to practice "harmony with nature"
We will continue to pursue “apitherapy” and aim to create a society where humans can live healthily both physically and mentally by “harmony with nature”.