It is a gelatinous mixture of resin, pollen and beeswax.
Bees usually collect the resin secreted by specific plants, use the power of plants to protect the new shoots and restore the injured branches, and then mix the pollen and beeswax secreted by the jaw glands to make propolis.

Blessing of Nature - Defense of Propolis

To protect the nest, honeybees make propolis using the collected resin as a raw material and apply propolis to the entrance of the nest, the walls of the burrows, and the gaps, and use it to protect the nest from bacteria and viruses.

Propolis nutrients that support anti-aging in the body.

Propolis is a natural protective substance made by bees in order to defend against foreign enemies.
Among them, in addition to the well-known protective ingredients such as cinnamic acid inducer (Artepilin C.) and flavonoids, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which are known to be able to regulate physiological functions and maintain a healthy state.
It can support autoimmunity that is gradually lost due to age, lifestyle, and other factors.

Propolis nutrients Green Propolis from Brazil

Do you have a question about propolis?

When is the best time to take propolis?

Propolis consumption time is not strictly regulated. Considering digestion and absorption of active ingredients, an empty stomack is recommended. It is best to take it 20-30 minutes before meals to improve absorption.

What is the difference between taking a capsule and a liquid?

In general, propolis has two states, one is a propolis capsule and the other is a propolis solution. Propolis capsules can be swallowed directly with a drink. The propolis solution can be dripped directly into coffee, hot water or milk. Propolis is recommended in coffee and milk.

※Propolis is a nutritional supplement, and its long-term use can help regulate physiological functions, but it is recommended to consult a doctor before consumption if:

・People are allergic to bees or related products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly, and aspirin (containing salicylates).
・People who have asthma problems.
・Patients with coagulation problems, because propolis has an anticoagulant effect.
・ Children under one year old.

The difference between royal jelly and honey Propolis product