■ Fortified Royal Jelly〈in a bag〉100 tablets

Our No. 1 high royal jelly-containing product, which is the culmination of our long-cultivated technology and research results.

Three tablets of enzyme-treated royal jelly per day contain a high content of 3,600 mg (raw equivalent). It also contains natural ingredients such as resveratrol and calcium derived from melinjo, a health ingredient that is expected to be beneficial to health.

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Product features
We developed Enzyme-Treated Royal Jelly: Ounyu-no-hana by using enzymes to separate the proteins in the royal jelly into small peptides and amino acids, making them easier to absorb for the body, and advancing our unique enzyme treatment techniques to reduce the risk of allergies.

Using a new enzyme treatment technique, we have speeded up absorption into the body. (Our own firm's unique enzyme treatment technique)

The high content of enzyme-treated royal jelly, each tablet contains 1200mg (raw equivalent) enzyme-treated royal jelly with Resveratrol added.
1. Thin layer coating: coating with a thin layer of calcium, and making the grains into an easily absorbable size.
2. Stabilization of royal jelly: binding and stabilizing enzyme-treated royal jelly with natural materials, and making it into grains)

Directions of use / Dosage The recommended dosage is three tablets per day.
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