Royal Jelly Stretch Care 150g

This is a creamy serum that treats " fine wrinkles" and " expression wrinkles" that become a concern with ultraviolet rays, dryness, and aging.

This is an introductory anti-aging care product that improves moisture retention, "moisture elasticity" and "firmness" to prevent wrinkles from becoming more serious.

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The application of this beauty essence prevents fine and deep lines from appearing and reduces their appearance.

・4 kinds of hyaluronic acid gives softness and elasticity to the skin.
・Royal jelly extract helps with the production of collagen
・6 kinds of functional peptides activate the skin cells in order to encourage new growth.
・ it contains REGESTRIL which is a luxury aging care ingredient specially develop in France.It’s an ingredient shown to improve deep wrinkles due to excessive drying and even during pregnancy within only 2 months!

What’s the proper order of using this beauty essence?
After the toner and before the cream or milky lotion.
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