Royal Jelly Premium The Rich Cream 30g

It is a limited edition of 5,000 beauty cream products that contain precious “royal jelly extract made with 100% royal jelly from Japan”.

"6 types of royal jelly-derived ingredients" extracting all the nutrients of royal jelly in various manufacturing methods will show beauty effects.

・ A luxurious cream that uses high quality “natural oil” and “ultra pure water” and melts into your skin.
-A cream with a special manufacturing method "Card House Structure" that blends into the skin, infiltrates beauty ingredients, and softens and glosses the skin.

・ Three major beautifying ingredients that combat aging, “six types of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide” nurture youthful skin.

・ A new blend of “Proteoglycan”, the fourth skin-beautifying component, supports the firmness and elasticity of the skin, while “Pearl Extract” makes use of the skin-beautifying effect.

・ 18 kinds of beauty ingredients bring out “moisture, luster, healthiness, elasticity, texture, brightness, translucency” and comprehensive care for the skin.

・ It is a “beauty cream that shows the difference after cleaning” that you can feel the skin difference the next morning.

・ Uses a royal 3D mask made of collagen and ceramide to soften, give firmness and elasticity.

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【How to use】

«Lotion ⇒ Essence ⇒ Moisturizing cream ⇒ Royal Premium The Rich Cream» *When using HL pack, please use after Royal Premium The Rich Cream

■What is ultrapure water?

It is water used at the pharmaceutical level such as eye drops,

which does not contain bacteria, dust, chlorine, lead, organic substances, bacterial metabolites, or toxins, rather than purified and pure water used in cosmetics.

Ultra-pure water production equipment that produces ultra-pure water pays great attention to daily maintenance.

Ultra-pure water equipment requires that all equipment such as tanks and pipes be sterilized with hot water of 80 ° C every week.

The same level of water as commercially available ultra-pure water is 15 ml and is very expensive at 3000 yen (30 US dollars) It is very gentle to the skin and can be expected to improve the penetration of beauty ingredients.

■What is the reason for the high price?

It is a special luxury cream that is very rare and uses high-quality “natural oil” and “ultra pure water”

The beauty ingredients are precious “royal jelly extract made from 100% royal jelly from Kagamino, Japan” and domestically-ripe red honey collected this year.

In fact, "6 kinds of royal jelly-derived ingredients" and 3 major skin ingredients "6 kinds of collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramide" are also included.

"Moisture / Gloss / Health / tension /elasticity / We will work comprehensively on “resilient skin, brightness, transparency”.

In order to deliver the highest level of cream beauty,

we have carefully selected everything from the beauty ingredients to the prescription techniques, hence the price.

those who have tried it said that they immediately realized the difference in their skin the very next morning.

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