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Cognitive decline is said to have a number of causes, and Non-Alz Bee is an all-in-one product developed to combat all of these causes at the same time. In addition to Brazilian propolis, which has been reported to prevent cognitive decline, Non-Alz Bee contains five natural ingredients including ginko leaf and the rarely seen in Japan “coffeeberry extract”, and it is recommended for people concerned about being forgetful, careless or lacking focus.


*If you are taking medication (especially anticoagulant), please consult your doctor before consuming supplements.

*Please do not take this if you are pregnant.

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Dr. Dale Bredesen, inventor of the recently famous reCODE protocol. “Non-alz Bee”, which makes use of synergies from propolis x 5 natural ingredients

【Explanation of the ingredients】

■Propolis Propolis is a natural, sticky substance made up of a mixture of beeswax and a secretion from the honey bees themselves after gathering new shoots and plant resins, and it is used to improve the hygiene of the beehive. In particular, Brazilian propolis contains a large amount of Cinnamic Acid Derivatives such as artepillin C, and research is being carried out around the world into its health-related effects.

■Coffeeberry The red fruit surrounding the coffee seed. For the common beverage coffee, this seed (raw bean) is roasted before being used for brewing.

■Curcumin It is a polyphenol contained in turmeric, and there are high expectations for its multiple functions. Another name for Centella asiatica is Gotu Kola. It has been used in India since ancient times to improve health. WHO (World Health Organization) has declared it a beneficial plant that should be protected.

■Phosphatidylserine It is a main component of cell membranes and exists in large amounts within the human body, including the brain, nervous system, skin and blood vessels. Soybeans are a major source of this substance.

■Ginko leaf This herb has recently been attracting more attention in Japan and around the world as a supplement ingredient.

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