■ Yuzu & honey Drink (Powder)

Individually wrapped, and very convenient to carry.
Yuzu is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can effectively prevent cold,
relieve fatigue and smoothen rough skin.
Please carry in your bag and enjoy a healthy honey life.
※Yuzu is a small citrus fruit.

Dissolve 1 packet (18 grams) in about
150 ml (about an 80% full cup) of cold or hot water.
Please adjust the amount of water according to your own preferences.
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■ Because it is soluble in cold water,
you can enjoy it with ice cream in the hot summer,
and in the cold winter days,
you can make a hot Yuzu drink as well.

■"Complete A whole Yuzu "×"freeze-drying method" brings you a rich Yuzu flavor!
We use the whole Yuzu!
In the production process, not only the whole fresh Yuzu containing the peel is used,
but Yuzu peel powder is added in order to bring out more Yuzu flavor.

* During the production process, Yuzu and Yuzu peel are used.
There might be some insoluble substances,
which is not a product quality problem. Please rest assured and enjoy.
* Due to the use of honey,
please do not let children under 1 year old drink this product.

In order to preserve the freshnessof the product,
the best-before period has been shortened to 6 months.

Please note that when you receive the product,
the best-before period may have been less than 4 months.

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