Royal Jelly Special Conc Container + Refill <10mL x 3 bottles>

Approach complex skin concerns with just one product.
Contains the much-talked-about aging care※1 ingredient "niacinamide※2" at 22% as high as possible.
The rich and rich serum absorbs into the skin,
leaving your skin feeling supple.
You can also enjoy the relaxing scent of our original blend of rare essential oils.
※1 Care with cosmetics appropriate for your age
※2 Moisturizing ingredients
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1,After applying lotion, take an appropriate amount (2 pumps) into your hand.
2,Take a small amount on your fingertips and gently apply to areas of concern such as the eyes and mouth.
3,Spread the remaining serum over both hands and gently apply it to the entire face,
pulling the cheeks from the inside out and the forehead from the bottom to the top.
4,While taking a deep breath to feel the scent, finish by applying a hand press to gently cup both cheeks,
then the forehead and chin with your palms.
After that, lock in moisture with cream or emulsion.
*Please discontinue use if you have any abnormalities on your skin or if it does not suit your skin.
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