Royal Jelly Excellent Oil, 100% royal jelly oil 25ml

Apply this oil before toner in the morning and night.

Clinically evaluated of wrinkle improvement by cosmetics Beauty Oil for aging care

It is a rare oil-soluble ingredient that contains only 3% in raw royal jelly with 40 or more kinds of nutrients as a beauty ingredient. "Royal Excellent Oil" is beauty oil that succeeded in condensing oil-soluble components from raw royal jelly.

While having the moisturizing power which recognized the effect of making fine lines wrinkle inconspicuous by drying,

it is comfortable to put on your skin with a mild and smooth texture.

After washing your face, it will soften the skin and raise the penetration of the toner.

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Excellent Oil condensing the power of raw royal jelly This is the world's first 100% royal jelly oil.

After 1 month of clinical testing, we found that daily use of this product not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet,

but also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Collagen production in particular is increased by 70%!

One drop will change your value of moisture.

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