RJ Wrinkle Signs

Wrinkle preventing beauty serum

Designed for various skin changes that accentuate age such as around the eyes and mouth, the skin pores, and changes in face lines, ingredients include moisturizing royal jelly extract, ROYAL BIOSITE, royal jelly fermented liquor, along with seven other natural ingredients.

This cosmetic liquid promotes slow aging by carefully nurturing aging skin. 

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Apply after toning your skin with a lotion or serum.

Take one push of the cream serum and apply a little at a time to the areas around the eyes and mouth that are sensitive to age.

Take another push of the cream serum and apply it to the entire face and neck area.

For best results, use in the morning and at night.

Airless (vacuum) bottles are used.

Royal biocite, a moisturizing ingredient, is very delicate and oxidizes when exposed to light and air.

Therefore, we adopted an airless (vacuum) bottle that can protect it from light and outside air.

The bottom of the bottle, which is inside the serum, rises and is pushed up each time the serum is used, keeping the serum fresh until the moment of use.

The bottom of the bottle is also pushed up so that it can be used up to the very end. A window at the top of the container indicates the remaining amount, and a pink line appears to let you know when the amount is low.

Even with the window, the 7-layer film with a UV-blocking layer protects the delicate useful ingredients.

A pink line will appear when the amount is low.
When the pink line appears in the window, there are approximately 25 pushes left to use.

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