RJ Boost Cleanse Washing Whip

Contains non-irritating amino acid-based cleaning ingredients and beauty ingredients. While protecting the moisture of the stratum corneum,

you will have moist, smooth and bright skin.

Wash your face and prepare your skin to be easily absorbed by skin care products.

①Adopts non-irritating amino acid-based cleaning ingredients.

It selectively removes dirt and grime from sebum, leaving the skin's natural moisture (intercellular lipids), thereby protecting the skin's barrier function.

②In addition to the "Magnetic Moisture®" ingredient that retains moisture on your skin like a magnet even after you wash it off,

it also contains carefully selected beauty ingredients that give firmness and shine with anti-aging care in mind.

③Just push it and it won't foam. Fine, dense bubbles,

Acts like a cushion, protecting your skin from friction when washing your face.

Cleans away dirt.

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Wet your face lightly, apply about 3 pumps to your hands, and wash gently. Rinse thoroughly.

A foam face wash with fine, rich foam that leaves your skin feeling fresh and fresh, as if you've applied lotion. Since it is a pump type, you can easily create fluffy bubbles.

*Begin by removing the stopper and pressing it several times.

Just push. Easy elastic foam in 1 second! Anti-aging care for dry fine wrinkles.
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