Medicated all-in-one shampoo (Quasi-drug)<450ml>

1 bottle covers 5 functions:
❶ Shampoo ❷ Rinse ❸ Treatment ❹ Skin care ➎ Hair growth
Recommended for those who want firmness in their hair,
those who are worried about hair loss during washing due to hormonal imbalance after childbirth, and those who want to want to use their time efficiently.

Net weigt:450ml

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The size of the fine bubbles that come out just by pushing the pump is 0.2 mm, which is almost the same as the pores.

These fine bubbles adhere to the hair and scalp, wash away dirt from the pores, and support the permeation of active ingredients.

The carefully selected hair beauty ingredients are "ripe honey," "royal jelly extract," and "royal jelly fermented liquid," which can only be achieved at Yamada Bee Farm. It makes your hair fluffy.

【Quantity to use】
Short hair: 3 pushes (1 bottle lasts about 1.5 months, depending on use)
Semi-long hair (collar bone to chest): 4 pushes
* Adjustment is required depending on hair length
* To avoid irritation to the hair and scalp, the shampoo is non-silicone,
so the hair may become squeaky.
In that case, please use your usual treatment (non-rinse type)
after drying your hair, or our "Honey Nectar Hair esthetic ".

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