■ [functional food] Blueberry + lutein 60capsules

[blueberry + lutein capsule] is rich in blueberry and lutein.
It helps you maintain eye health and solve eye troubles.
Intake method: intake with water, two capsules per day
Expiration Period: 1 year
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The eye care series of Yamada Bee Farm is recommended
to be taken together with royal jelly and propolis, so that you
can gain an overall support to your health.

This product uses European blueberry, which is one of the native
species of blueberry.
European blueberry is rich in a variety of polyphenols, including
anthocyanins which is beneficial to eye health. Simply by taking
2 blueberries and lutein capsules per day, you get 200mg blueberry
essence and 3mg lutein.
With the help of the antioxidant capacity
of royal jelly or propolis, your eye condition could be improved.

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