Renew✨Honey Lab Sleeping Pack 50mL

Just apply and sleep!
New Honey Skin Care Making your skin 10 years younger.

"Honey Lab Sleeping Pack" seals the essence on your skin at night
to soak the moisture and promote firm skin.
Apply this facial sealing pack before going to bed, and it takes care of your stressed out skin while you are asleep.

【5 features that have been kept secret until now!】
★1.Superior moisturising power keeps your skin hydrated! Honey amino acids.

★2.Amazing skincare results! The use of raw, natural honey

★3.Achieve translucent skin! Essence of Japan Kagamino rice.

★4.It helps you relax! Linght, pleasant rose scent.

★5.Caring for your skin is simple and easy! Just apply the pack and go to bed.
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The honey lab facial mask seals in moisture and loosens sebum and facial keratin. In the morning, wash the mask away to reveal luxuriant, beautiful skin.

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