Manuka Honey Rich care set

Manuka honey cream for acne prone skin 40g*1
Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm 75g*1
Manuka Honey Lotion 150ml*1
Manuka Honey Essence Gel 80g*1
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Manuka honey cream for acne prone skin 40g
A beauty cream born with a focus on the natural power of Manuka Honey. The cream has a lamellar structure similar to that of the skin, so it protects the skin and prevents moisture from drying out. Leads to smooth and healthy skin.
It is fragrance-free, but you can enjoy the green fresh scent which comes from natural manuka oil or Leptospermum scoparium oil and 5 kinds of Japanese and Western herbs.
Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm 75g
A balm with plenty of beauty ingredients.
It is solid at room temperature and melts by the temperature of your skin to become a fluid oil.
It loosens dirt and keratin in the pores, and removes it together with the makeup.
The moisture and beauty ingredients deeply penetrate the skin, giving it a moisturized finish that feels like you’ve had a face mask of Manuka honey.
This is a cleansing balm that leads to clear skin with no visible pores the more you use it.
Manuka Honey Lotion 150ml
A lotion that fills every corner of your face with moisture to reproduce a beautiful skin texture, and leads to hydrated skin with a clear luster , plenty of firmness and no visible pores.
When applied to the skin, it penetrates deep into the stratum corneum as if the skin drank it, the lotion fills the skin with plenty of moisture, prepares the skin to resonate with skin care, and improves the penetration of essence gel that is used later.
It can also be used to help wipe off old skin cells.
Manuka Honey Essence Gel 80g*1
It is an all-in-one item that combines the roles of lotion, essence, emulsion, cream, and pack. A gel-like essence that condenses the power of manuka honey, royal jelly, and Japanese and Western herbs.
Through the power of raw Manuka honey, this gel repairs daily accumulated damage beautifully by 24 hours hydration.
A beauty essence that promotes firm, lustrous and moisturized skin that after continued use does not even show pores.
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