■Amazake of Renge rice

【125g x 18 pieces】

With the added effort of grinding the rice grains, you can enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

It is a paper container type of single-drink size (125g). You can warm it up in the microwave in the container, so you can enjoy it hot or iced depending on the season..

【Best before date】

1 month guarantee after product shipment

*We check the expiry date before shipping the product. The actual expiration date may be longer than this number of days. When you receive the product, please check it before using it.

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【raw materials】

Rice (renge rice from Kagamino), rice malt.

※This amazake is made from ``Renge rice,'' which is grown with great care using traditional farming methods that use astragalus grass as an organic fertilizer that is plowed into rice fields.

※The rice grains are finely ground to create a smooth-tasting amazake that brings out the natural sweetness of the rice.

※Shake well before opening and drink. Please drink immediately after opening.

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