■Yuzu Honey Drink

Rich in vitamin C, it is a popular product that is squeezed together with its peel and blended with our ripe acacia honey to be effective on rough skin. A refreshing drink that is perfect for when you're tired or after sports. Yuzu's unique acidity and refreshing aroma are also attractive.
*Does not contain any synthetic colorings or preservatives.
*As it is a concentrated liquid, dilute with water or sparkling water.
*It can also be used as a sherbet, frappe syrup, or yogurt topping.

■About Yuzu
It contains vitamin C, three times that of oranges and lemons, and is said to be effective for rough skin and poor circulation.
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This is a citrus drink, made only with honey and yuzu.
Yuzu is rich in Vitamin C, which is great at promoting blood circulation and reversing sun damage on the skin.
It’s very concentrated so mix with water in a 1:5 ratio before you drink.
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