■ Acacia Honey 300g

Our #1 selling honey. Enjoy its mild fragrance and flavor.
【Main Ingredients】 Acacia Honey (from Romania)
【How to use】 Spread on bread, mix into drinks etc.
*Honey must not be given to infants under 1 year old.
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At Yamada Bee Farm, we would like to deliver honey as it is harvested from the bee's beehive. We are testing for pesticides and antibiotics. Yamada Bee Farm standards are stricter than the standard of 45 degrees or less based on the German Honey Regulation.

For example, in order to prevent the deterioration of honey due to high temperatures, quality control is carried out by transporting in the same constant temperature container as high-quality wine transport, and honey is filled at 35 degrees or less, the same as in a hive. The filling efficiency falls to a half, but we are thorough to deliver the important honey enzymes and nutrients as they are.
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