■Bee Larvae〈in a bag〉125capsules

We use only bees that passed the test for pesticides and antibiotics. Enzyme treatment technology breaks down proteins, making it easier to consume amino acids. Bee larvae powder rich in nutrients such as "vitamin B2" that helps sugar metabolism and "unsaturated fatty acids" containing oleic acid as a main component contains 720mg per 4 tablets per day. Soft capsules reduce unique taste and smell. Contains a kind of amino acid “γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)” necessary for maintaining the health of stressful modern people.
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For people who have difficulty in hearing due to aging. Good for source of nutrition as well.
【Main Ingredient】 Bee Larvae Powder, gelatin, GABA, glycerin, etc.
【Allergen】 Crustacean such as crab and shrimp
*Avoid taking when you have food allergies.
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