■ Blueberry&Lutein+Propolis〈in a bag〉くっきりi Bee 60 capsules

This product combines strong antioxidant and propolis with blueberries and lutein, which are useful for eye problems. Useful for comprehensive eye health support.
■ Five ingredients recommended for those who are worried about "watery eyes", "Distortion" and "Blur"
Including 180 mg of Scandinavian bilberry extract, 6 mg of lutein that works on distortion and blurring, 50 mg of propolis extract that is said to be effective in preventing age-related macular degeneration, helps maintain night vision and healthy skin and mucous membrane β- Contains carotene and Acer maximowiczianum extract.
1 bag for 1 month. Take 2 tablets a day with a drink.
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Eyes are stressed by UV rays and looking at TV/computer screens every day. Prevents eyestrain, blurry eyes, and various eye diseases due to these causes of stress.
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