Honey Lab Face Wash Powder 60g

Two kinds of enzyme powder remove pore-clogging dirt and unnecessary keratin.

You can put this in the bathroom because this uses oil coating powder to protect it from moisture.

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Creamy bubbles like marshmallows remove dirt from deep in the pores, leaving you refreshed.

【Main Ingredients】 Honey, Hydrolysis honey protein, Lime juice, etc.
【Use per application】A level spoonful (about 0.5g)

Directions for use

1. After wetting the face with water or lukewarm water, put a teaspoonful (about 0.5g) in the palm of a clean hand.

2. Add water little by little to create a large amount of lather.
3. Spread the foam on both hands and place it on your face, then wash your face without exerting force, rolling the foam around.
Do not rub the skin too hard or use too little lather, as this may damage the skin.

4. Rinse well with water or lukewarm water.

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