Royal Jelly Washing Foam 100g

Facial cleansing foam containing royal jelly, which has higher moisturizing power than hyaluronic acid.

For cleansing and washing the face, Manuka honey is newly added as moisturizing ingredient. Fermentation with enzymes extracts from seeds of Hatomugi (adlay) the amino acids contained in the Hatomugi are condensed.

Amino acids as a source of moisture firmly adhere to and moisturize the skin, and gently protect sensitive skin when washing the face.

1. It permeates the skin and holds plenty of moisture inside the skin.        

2. Supports the production of collagen on the inside of the skin and leads to resilient skin.                

3. It suppresses the secretion of excess sebum and keeps the balance between moisture and oil, so it is recommended not only for the face but also for the neck and body that tends to be sticky with sebum and sweat.

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Q1. I heard that RJ has been renewed; what has changed?

A1. Until now, the product was mainly proposed for moisturizing, but with this renewal, it has reappeared as an aging care series focusing on "decenoic acid," which is a characteristic ingredient of royal jelly!
Decenoic acid is said to act like a female hormone, and it is a component found only in natural royal jelly. It has been confirmed that it helps the production of collagen and promotes the release of a substance called filaggrin, which is the source of moisture. When female hormones decrease, it becomes difficult to keep the skin moisturized, it becomes dry and fine wrinkles increase. If left as it is, fine wrinkles will become permanent and deeper wrinkles will occur.

RJ formulated with "royal jelly containing decenoic acid" is designed to care for aging skin caused by disorder of female hormones, such as small wrinkles, lack of firmness and luster, age-spots, and dullness.
It has been confirmed by research that continued use of "Royal Jelly Extract containing decenoic acid" for 4 weeks increases the moisture level of the skin and that hyaluronic acid will keep it at that level, thereby strengthening the skin's original moisturizing power, improving the factors that increase ceramide and collagen.
In addition to royal jelly extract, now a newly developed "Honey Fermented Liquid" has been added to the renewed formulation to increase the moisture of the stratum corneum and improve the barrier function, giving the skin a glossy elasticity and transparency.

All RJ products have this time been patch tested on people with sensitive skin, so that other people with sensitive sin types can use it with confidence.

Q2. What is the difference between RJ and Excellent?

A2. RJ is recommended for those who feel that skin aging is progressing rapidly, such as lack of firmness, fine wrinkles, and dullness, and for customers who tend to have sensitive skin. Excellent is recommended for customers who, in addition to taking care of aging problems such as lack of firmness and fine wrinkles like RJ, want to maintain healthy beauty always and keep looking young, as Excellent also takes care of sagging and yellowing of the skin.

★ Since it’s renewal in February 2012, it can be used as a "facial massage".
It is a gel made of 95% beauty ingredients that has a good slippery quality on the fingers, so it can also be used for massages. By massaging the face while moisturizing the skin with beauty ingredients, blood flow is promoted, resulting in a lively and glossy skin.
It approaches your skin first with Triple royal jelly’s proprietary ingredients "royal jelly extract with decenoic acid ", which acts similarly to female hormones, and "honey fermented liquid", to take care of skin changes due to menopause (easily irritated skin and rapid skin aging). In addition, it supports the weakened barrier function and gives moisture, firmness, and transparency.
* Triple royal jelly: royal jelly extract containing decenoic acid, royal jelly fermented liquid, royal jelly oil

* What is honey fermented liquid? : it is a liquid fermented by adding chamomile petals and lactic acid bacterium YB38 taken from pollen of high quality domestic polyfloral honey. Fermenting sugar-rich honey with lactic acid bacteria is very difficult and it takes years to produce the ingredients.
As the name implies, lactic acid is produced by lactic acid bacteria, but this lactic acid is also a moisturizing ingredient in the skin. In addition, research results have been reported that it lead to antioxidant effects and improved barrier functions.
Furthermore, added to the three basic moisturizing ingredients, it also contains a blood flow supporting moisturizing ingredient (paeonia root extract), a moisturizing ingredient confirmed to have an anti-aging effect (different per item), a moisturizing ingredient with a female hormone-like effect (iris isoflavone), and a barrier function supporting moisturizing ingredient (human ceramide).

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