Royal Jelly Cleansing Multi Gel 110g

It is a cleanser with four functions (makeup remover, pore cleanser, beauty oil pack, and non-foaming facial cleanser)

Massage can be expected to improve dullness of skin by promoting blood flow, and prevent swelling, sagging, and lines by removing wastes.

●Using RJ Cleansing Multi Gel after washing will help condition the skin texture and prevent dryness.
・Using RJ Cleansing Multi Gel after washing increases the moisture content of the stratum corneum, and it has been confirmed through image comparisons pre and pose-use to condition the flow of skin texture.

Dullness & darkness
●Using RJ Cleansing Multi Gel after washing can be expected to improve skin dullness and increase the skin’s radiance.
・It has been confirmed that using RJ Cleansing Multi Gel after washing improves the condition of the thickened stratum corneum and increases skin radiance when using on skin with thick stratum corneum.

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A natural Makeup remover that helps increase the water content by 150%!

This multi-functional cleanserachieves 6 roles including pores care, moisturizing, and boosting in addition to
its high cleansing action. While completely removing makeup, it also enhances the natural beauty of the skin.

【4 features! Thorough cleansing and hydrating treatment!】
★1.Extraction of natural plant ingredients!

★2.Royal jelly essence is added!

★3.Hydrating treatment!

★4.Extremely high penetration and vitalizing effect!

★5.Caring for your skin is simple and easy! Just apply the pack and go to bed.

It approaches your skin first with Triple royal jelly’s proprietary ingredients "royal jelly extract with decenoic acid ", which acts similarly to female hormones, and "honey fermented liquid", to take care of skin changes due to menopause (easily irritated skin and rapid skin aging). In addition, it supports the weakened barrier function and gives moisture, firmness, and transparency.
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