Medicated Royal Jelly Essence Excellent 30mL

Beauty ingredients caring for dryness and lack of resilient skin.
Contains and replaces elastin, which decreases with age, and isoflavone, in addition to the beauty ingredients "collagen / hyaluronic acid". Moisturizes and fills the skin.

What is the difference between royal jelly extract and amino acid-rich royal jelly extract?
Royal jelly extract is extracted from raw royal jelly. You can feel the effect on dryness, firmness and fine wrinkles. Amino acid rich royal jelly extract is obtained by enzyme treated raw royal jelly. It can have an effect on skin roughness and dullness due to aging, and decrease in flexibility.

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Extra rich essence for anti-aging and whitening.
Contains royal jelly extract rich in amino acids to deeply hydrate your skin.

Whitening active ingredient Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
Blocks the cause of spots with whitening active ingredients
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