Beeswax Crayon

A crayon made of beeswax for safety in the world

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Advantages of blending beeswax
(1) Since it uses a lot of beeswax, it has a good color and gloss.
(2) Even when it is applied thickly, there is little or no wasted residue.
Also, little is transferred to the fingers or hands.

★ Use of naturally-derived materials that even small children can use with peace of mind In addition to palm oil, citrus oil and turmeric, natural ingredients such as olive oil, safflower and gardenia are included.
For coloring crayons, we use only natural ingredients such as turmeric and safflower, and dyes that have been confirmed to be safe.
* No petroleum-derived paraffin, calcium carbonate, or synthetic surfactant is used.

★ It is a gem made by the hands of crayon craftsmen who have been making crayons for generations in Japan. Each handmade crayon is carefully made one by one.

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